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Installation and Awards Luncheon

Installation and Awards Luncheon
June 20

Each June, the Tri-City Hospital Auxiliary holds its Annual Meeting and the installation of its Board of Directors and Officers. 

In addition to the installation of officers, this event honors Volunteers who have achieved significant goals in the number of hours they have donated since joining the Auxiliary. These Appreciation Awards are awarded in 500-hour increments. 

New volunteers are honored with their initial pin as they reach their first 100 hours of service. Each month approximately ten individuals meet this goal and are presented their Appreciation Award. 

Individuals with 500 or hour hours are recognized at the Installation and Awards Luncheon. At the 2019 Installation luncheon, 61 individuals were recognized with service pins. Their total lifetime contribution of hours totaled 165,000 hours. One individual reached the astounding achievement of having given 15,000 hours of service during her 35 years of volunteering. This would be comparable to seven and a half years of full-time employment. Other notable achievements ranged from 6,000 hours to 10,500 hours.