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The Tri-City Hospital Auxiliary is an independent 501(c) non-profit organization serving the interests of the patients, their friends and family, and the staff of the Tri-City Medical Center in Oceanside, California. Its members and leadership work closely with the Tri-City Hospital Foundation and the Tri-City Medical Center seeking the best possible outcomes for its community.  

The Board and Officers are selected by a Nominating Committee and the voted on by the general membership. The initial term for a Board Member is one year and subsequent terms are two years. Terms for Officers are also two years. Directors may serve a maximum of four consecutive terms for a total of seven years.  

2023-24 Officers and Board of Directors

Each officer has specific duties and responsibilities. The President oversees the entire operation with the support of the First Vice President. The Second Vice President oversees communication with the Departments. . The Second Vice President oversees communication with the Departments. 


Bunny McElliott, President

The President provides overall organizational vision and leadership. The President appoints committees and Board Members as necessary and is the primary spokesperson and the face of the Auxiliary.

Liz Brayton, First Vice President

The First Vice President assists the President and assumes those duties when the President is unavailable. The First Vice President also plans the PALs Luncheon for Past Presidents each January.

Kathey Cramm, Second Vice President

Next in line to assist the President, the Second Vice President also appoints Department Chairs, holds the monthly Chairperson’s meetings, and helps with the annual Refreshers.


Valerie Barros, Recording Secretary

The Recording Secretary keeps records of all meetings, proceedings, and Board actions as well as copies of all written ballots and the Auxiliary By-laws and Standing Rules.  The Secretary also handles correspondence with members and other organizations as is needed by the organization.


Rosalind Bussey and Mary Foy (assistant), Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible for all financial activity and records. The Treasurer provides regular financial reports to the Board and oversees an annual review of our fiscal condition.

Board of Directors

Jane Palmiotti, Parliamentarian

The Parliamentarian uses Robert’s Rules of Order to advise the Board on process and also oversees the Auxiliary election process and semi-annual review of both the Standing Rules and the By-Laws.

Francis Crowley, Historian

The Historian creates an annual pictorial record of the Auxiliary’s activities and events and maintains the database of Auxiliary photos. The Historian works with the Pulse Editor and Public Relations Team, providing information and photos for publication.

Carole Vance, Gift Shop Manager

The Gift Shop Manager oversees the ongoing activities of the TCMC Gift Shop and is responsible for staffing, purchasing, sales, and financial reporting of Gift Shop activities.

Dick Robertson, Ways and Means Director

The Ways and Means Director provides the Board with financial analysis relating to the fiscal impact of events or activities. He also leads all memorial fund and planning efforts.

Michael Unverferth, Orientation/Operations Director

The Orientation Director oversees the placement of all members, from arrival through any Department changes. He conducts regular orientation sessions for new Regular Volunteers and works with the Second Vice President on the placement of Chairpersons and Co-Chairpersons as well as on the annual Refresher Courses. He is also responsible for the Joint Commission requirements and implementation of mandatory programs.

Katie Brownie, Sharon Hambly, Dave McCarthy, and Mary Foy (assistant): Public Relations

Public Relations keeps track of membership rolls using data from the Voltrak chairperson. Forming a committee, they go into the community to recruit using the written word, attendance at community events, or word of mouth. They work closely with the Historian and Presidents.

Nancy Russian, Scholarship Director

The Scholarship Director represents the Auxiliary Scholarship Committee. They update our Board on information and events of the annual Tri City Hospital Auxiliary Scholarships presented in the Spring. Information includes financials, donors, and event night needs.

Linda Wolff, President Emeritus

The President Emeritus is a nonvoting past-president of the board. They provide leadership and guidance to the Executive Board of Directors; mentor the Executive President in proceedings of the association; and provide a historical perspective in the decision-making process.